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Niche Relevant Blog Comments

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Blog Commenting on specific posts relating to your product or service is the Niche Related Blog Commenting. The Niche Related Blog Commenting can gather some quality and relevant Traffic to Your Website. Likewise Blog Commenting, the niche related Blog Commenting can create some highly useful backlinks. But the Comments are specifically made to the Niche Market relating to your website/blog specifications that you are trying to promote. We shall manually look on the internet for blogs which are connected to your website’s theme then vigilantly read each website’s content and then leave the best comment with your link directing back again to your website for utmost SEO benefit. If you’re looking for constant Traffic as well as High Ranks on SERPs, You’re bound to require the Niche Related comments.

Features of the Service:

  • All Comments would undoubtedly be made on the Niche Related Blogs
  • I would select Low OBL Links Average OBL 40
  • Comments would all be Written Manually
  • Comments would undoubtedly be relevant furthermore Generic both, as several blogs accept Relevant plus several accept Generic Comments
  • You will give unlimited URLís & keywords for the Backlinks
  • 100% permitted Comments, No Moderation Comments
  • PR from n/a to PR3 (but no specific distribution)


Package 1
  • 50 Niche Blog Comments
Package 2
  • 100 Niche Blog Comments
Package 3
  • 200 Niche Blog Comments
Package 4
  • 500 Niche Blog Comments
Package 5
  • 1000 Niche Blog Comments
Package 6
  • 2000 Niche Blog Comments
Package 7
  • 5000 Niche Blog Comments

Niche Related Daily Link Building Services

Drip Feed Package 1
  • 5 blog comments a day for 30 days
Drip Feed Package 2
  • 10 blog comments a day for 30 days
Drip Feed Package 3
  • 20 blog comments a day for 30 days
Drip Feed Package 4
  • 50 blog comments a day for 30 days
Drip Feed Package 5
  • 100 blog comments a day for 30 days

The information you need to provide:

  • Niche
  • Anchors
  • URL
  • Order Email id
  • PayPal Email id

I accept unlimited URLs and Keywords, Accepting Root Domain and Deep links that you provide

You can use branded keywords and Raw URL’s

You will receive quality service with a report, featuring all live links


No specific distribution for no follow & do follow links
We will scrape these links from blog sites/web 2.0s
No guarantee of providing Unique domains, but URLs will be unique
Refund: You will only get refund if I fail to provide you the service within promised TAT