Get Your Private Blog Network made absolutely Hands-Off!

The Premium PBN Setup service lets you focus on scaling your business, while our experienced team handles the setup from just starting to end!

Your Private Blog Network can not only look natural to Google, but your network will also run and function properly with the right pair of plug-ins, right amount of researched high quality content and our dedicated tech support team to bring you up to speed along with your rankings!

We shall handle your PBN with the subsequent activities:

Updated Version of WordPress

We would supply you with the efficient version of WordPress

Quick Blog Setup

You’ll locate no problem even as posting your blogs!

Exclusive theme for every PBN!

A diverse theme setup intended for every single of your PBN! How awesome is that

Logo Designing

We would offer a best designed logo and an original one for every single of your websites!

Header Designing

A well and gorgeous header would be made for your websites

Domain Email

We would allow you an email address of domain in the event that you offer us with the hosting details.


We will write 2 high quality spun articles (human readable and unique) and will add them to your PBN.


If you like to incorporate any additional stuff or service which you may love to have, correspond with us and we would make specially the package just for you. I would be your confided PBN manager!


Mini Package 1 Setup
  • Unique Themes
Massive Package 5 Setup
  • Unique Themes
Monster Package 10 Setup
  • Unique Themes
Giant Package 100 Setup
  • Unique Themes
Gigantic Package 200 Setup
  • Unique Themes


  • We will need the Domains
  • Domain Niche
  • Your Hosting
  • CPanel access

TAT : 1-10 days